What we do

Our specialist team are fully trained to handle sterilisation of any area. Whether you are a small office, industrial warehouse or even a hospital, Virokil can completely sterilise the area using our powerful and safe clinically approved chemical solution and fogging system.

How it works is very simple. Using our patented technology we disperse sterilising fog in the area you require to be treated. The chemicals in the fog then obliterate and destroy all bacteria, viruses and pathogens it comes into contact with, including those associated with MRSA, coronavirus, norovirus, e-coli, polio, C.Diff, salmonella, listeria and many many more.


Our customers

Assisted Care Facilities
Doctors, Nurses and Physicians
Farming and Fisheries
Gym and Fitness Centres
Hotel Industry
Schools and Universities
Work and Office Environments
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