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Fogging of can be defined as putting small particles (preferably less than 20µ) of a unique solutions hydrogen peroxide solution into the air and maintaining a hydrogen peroxide vapour throughout the space being fogged.

The vapour in the room contacts all surfaces and the heavier hydrogen peroxide present in the vapour does the killing.

Fogging therefore presents every surface in a space that is accessible by air to a high concentration of SSHP. The actual disinfecting mechanism has been described as micro condensation. (This is condensation at the molecular level resulting in surfaces being exposed to concentrated chemical)

Virokil’s Chemical Solution has been fogged into a room/ward and achieved the AFNOR NF T72 281 Efficiency standard. This is a mandatory standard for evaluation of bactericidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, mycobactericidal tuberculocidal sporicidal, and viricidal activity including bacteriophages.

Log reduction means a reduction in the power of 10. If we start with 106 bacterial colonies per ml  a 5 log reductions means we end up with 101 colonies per ml

What the Health Market requires

Bacteria                   > 5 log reduction

Yeast /Fungi            >4 log reduction

Spores                      > 3 log reduction

Mycobacteria        > 4 log reduction

Viruses                     > 4 log reduction

Fungi                       > 4 log reduction

Bacteriophage       > 4 log reduction

A special solution of chemical which has been tested and certified is fogged into a room or area, when the chemical fog solution touches any bacteria, viruses or even pathogens on a surface or in the air the fog instantly neutralizes and kills them.

The fog (just like smoke) gets into every square inch of the targeted zone which ensures maximum sanitation to areas that cannot even been seen.  

No. Our chemical Fog is a dry vapour, it cannot affect electrics, surfaces, furniture, computers, paperwork or even food.

It will simply sterilise everything it comes into contact with without leaving any aftereffects or odour.

When our solution is condensed into a Fogging agent, it could make you queasy to breath in while in a condensed fogging state. All of our trained staff wear the correct breathing apparatus to ensure maximum safety.

The fogged area will need to be closed to staff and customers during the fogging and several hours after to ensure that no one accidentally feels queasy by inhaling the condensed gas.

After the gas has dissipated the area will become completely safe to enter and even food that has come into contact with the sterilising solution will be safe to eat.

No, After the appropriate time has passed between fogging and re-entering the fogged zone, (normally several hours) then the area will be completely safe and will not affect adults, children or even animals.

Virokil’s chemical solutions has passed the appropriate test using a confirmed fogging technique to ensure that all known bacteria, viruses, pathogens and known HAI’s are killed to the appropriate recommended log reductions.

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