Paul Mulvey

For peace of mind at home or work

Following the latest Covid-19 outbreak, everybody is understandably worried about the enduring impact and health of the loved ones. If you are reading this, you are probably already concerned about family, friends, employees or co-workers health and safety. You can be assured by using our services that we will go above and beyond making your home or office safe to use and enjoy again BOOK NOW to get your home disinfected professionally, reducing the chance of transmitting Coronavirus. And make sure they are as safe as they can be with our thorough deep cleaning and fogging service before your workers return to work. Using state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive cleaning techniques, any area from small homes to large offices can be sanitised. Our patent-pending equipment charges the sanitary substance with positive electrons which means that it completely envelops any surface with which it comes in contact. The product can be left to live in an ultra-fine nebula ensuring that it has time to work against any virus, bacteria Or it does come into contact with spores. Our product can touch every inch of your home or office, touching every surface from ceilings to walls, windows to vents. We can treat offices, homes, care homes, and schools. We can target small surfaces or large rooms depending on your requirements. With little disruption to your home life or work routine, we need as little as 30 minutes vacancy after application. This allows you to get back to your day very …

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Specialist Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deep Cleaning Strategy

We have formulated a deep cleaning and fogging strategy to help  tackle Coronavirus to ensure your home, workplace or store is completely sanitise  You can be assured that your premises will be  thoroughly sanitised and left sparkling clean when you select Virokil.  Our deep cleaning technique  involves the expert Coronavirus (COVID-19); Touch Points: We know surfaces are easily polluted  and we concentrate on addressing this in our cleaning.  Whether we’re cleaning your office, factory or home, using our powerful  products we’ll ensure all daily touch points are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.  Such touch points include places that are constantly  handled, such as door handles, light switches and banners.    Fogging: We’ll carry out our fogging process after  thoroughly washing touch points, walls, carpets and upholstery.  Our team will use a powerful NHS  approved germicide and sanitiser to effectively disinfect.  Our fogging procedure ensures that the premises are thoroughly  clean, and left sterilised for up to 7 days. Carpets And Upholstery: Our professional cleaning staff will clean  all the carpets and upholstery in the property professionally.  To ensure a deep and thorough cleaning we use a  biocidal cleaner along with high powered hot water extraction machinery.  The cleaning products we use work against all  forms of bacteria including Coronavirus, HIV and Hepatitis B  


How airlines disinfect their aircraft in the age of coronavirus

Airlines are currently intensifying their cleaning measures. But how exactly does the disinfection of aircraft work? Aircraft are cleaned after each flight as a standard procedure. Major cleaning operations take place at regular intervals. But in times of the coronavirus this is in many cases no longer enough. Many airlines have extended standard cleaning to …

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The Germ War

FOGGING Like it or not, we’re fighting a germ war, and always have been. Now though, clients, public and service providers are more aware of the risks, and we have better weapons at our disposal. Ashley White, Commercial and Safety Manager of cleaning and FM services specialist Nviro, demystifies fogging as a sanitisation technique. Fogging …

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