VIROKIL: Your first defence against infection.

We are fully approved and achieved the AFNOR NF T72 281 Efficiency standard. Our specialist system kills all bacteria and viruses and pathogens including COVID-19.

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State of the art sterilisation

Are you concerned that your business premises, staff or customers are at risk from infection? Virokil has the certification and expertise to carry out effective infection control on your premises. 
We use a state-of-the-art fogging system that provides complete and thorough disinfecting of your building to the highest industry standards. Our patented anti-microbial product uses clinically proven chemicals that eradicate bacteria and viruses, giving your premises a clean bill of health and allowing your business to continue as normal.
Our specialist fogging system kills bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19.
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Prevention is better than cure.

Systematic sterilisation of your work area can help prevent exposure to unwanted infections, ensuring business continuity by reducing staff absences.


Bacteria busting services designed for your home.


Ensure business continuity and eliminate risk to staff and customers.


Animal and food processing areas, made safe within hours.

Why use us?

Our tried and tested fogging solution kills bacteria and viruses, including those associated with coronavirus, norovirus, e-coli, c.diff, polio, salmonella, listeria and hospital acquired infections such as MRSA.

Using our clinically approved chemical solution and fogging system our specialist team can completely sterilise any indoor area, including offices, schools, GP and dental surgeries, hospitals, shopping centres and any other space that is at risk of infection, making it germ free so you can continue business as usual.


Our chemical is odourless and completely safe to objects and food after sterilisation has been completed.


Our teams are available day and night to decontaminate and sterilise to ensure minimal downtime.


Call us for a quote – Virokil are confident you will be amazed at our competitive pricing structure.